NV Home Galleries

After being at home for an extended amount of time, you begin to notice things you never noticed before. Whether it is moving a chair from one room to the next, purging closets or even adding more color to your walls. While I can’t help you move that chair I can help update the walls with vibrant fashionable art and handcrafted art accessories. As you may know, my company Natalia Veronica turns my original artwork into everyday functional items. The NV Delery Minibags are great for makeup bags, clutches or even jewelry storage. Art has expanded from only being displayed on the walls. For example, larger pieces can be propped against an empty wall and smaller pieces look great on dressers, book shelves, and framed on office desk. Shop NV Art prints and more on the NV site and save 50% off with the code “NV_Merci”!