NV Dog Artdana

This year I made a personal/ professional goal to start creating a few new items to add to my NV Collection. One of those things is my new dog Artdana. I love dogs and and I am a proud Dog Mom! With the creation of new things there comes experimenting with different styles and artwork. Even more exciting is playing with pups as “research and development” for my products ( I can’t complain) . I have several new product I would like to roll out and with your help I can bring these creations to life. If you want to donate to the NV Go Fund Me, use this link https://www.gofundme.com/natalia-veronica and help bring stylish wearable art for your pups to the NV family.

My Labradoodle Wesley in his NV Artdana featuring the painting “F.K.”


Lucy in her NV Artdana featuring the NV Painting “CoCo”


My Sweet Labradoodle Charley in his NV Artdana featuring the NV painting “Female Enlightenment”